Dr Mike Evans

Jerusalem bombing victim identified as 16-year-old Israeli-Canadian

The bombing victim in Jerusalem’s Wednesday terrorist bombing attack has been identified as a 16-year-old Israeli-Canadian.

Aryeh Schupak, the teenage boy killed in the tragedy, was publicly identified following the notification of family members.

Police suspect that remote-detonated devices packed with nails were used in attacks at two separate locations. So far, no claim of responsibility has been taken. Israel’s police chief urges the public to keep alert for possible additional suspicious objects.

“Heartbroken to confirm that a young Canadian lost his life in this morning’s reprehensible terror attack in Jerusalem. Our sincere condolences to his family and friends, and to others wounded in this attack. Canada continues to condemn all forms of terror,” Canadian Ambassador to Israel Lisa Stadelbauer posted to Twitter.

Israel’s Prime Minister-elect Benjamin Netanyahu released a statement following a visit with victims in a local hospital.

“We still have a fight against cruel terror, which is again raising its head. We’ll do everything to return security to all Israeli citizens, rapidly,” Netanyahu said.

“I send condolences to the family of yeshiva student and 16-year-old teenager Aryeh, who was killed in a cruel way,” Netanyahu added.

An additional 22 people were injured in the terrorist incident.

U.S. Ambassador to Israel Tom Nides also expressed his condolences to those involved in the attack.

“Appalled by the cowardly terrorist attacks in Jerusalem today that targeted innocent civilians, including children. My heart breaks for the families of those who were harmed,” he tweeted.

President Isaac Herzog added his support, stating that the Jerusalem terror attack “won’t weaken us or undermine our right to live peaceful lives in the Land of Israel and in our state, including in Jerusalem, our eternal capital.”