Dr Mike Evans

Israel’s president meets with Swiss president to warn against Iran’s nuclear ambitions

Israeli President Isaac Herzog visited Switzerland on Monday, meeting with the nation’s President Ignazio Cassis and warning about Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

Herzog released a statement during their meeting that focused on Iran and other issues regarding stability in the Middle East.

“The State of Israel shares with Switzerland this commitment to peace and fervently aspires to peace with all its neighbors, and of course with our Palestinian neighbors, our immediate neighbors,” Cassis and Herzog shared.

“Unfortunately, the recent conflict with terrorists in Gaza, in which over one thousand missiles were fired at our towns, was imposed on us. We were forced to fight terrorist threats and to defend our people. I am glad that calm has returned to our cities, towns, and villages, and that our citizens have returned to their peaceful daily lives,” it added.

Herzog also emphasized the impact of the Abraham Accords, noting that the nations in the agreement, along with Egypt and Qatar, have been a help to secure calm in the region in the recent Gaza conflict.

“As you and I discussed, Mr. President, the Middle East is at a critical crossroads. While the Abraham Accords have created new avenues for transforming the region into a hub of stability, peace and prosperity — at the same time Iran and its proxies continue to spread terror and undermine moderate actors,” Herzog said.

The Israeli president also again emphasized the need to oppose Iran’s nuclear program, as the nation has sworn itself to Israel’s destruction and has repeatedly announced efforts to destabilize other nations.

“I take this opportunity to call upon all governments, and of course the Swiss government, to oppose the Iranian nuclear program, in no uncertain terms. Iran has sworn itself to Israel’s destruction and is working tirelessly to destabilize our region and the entire world,” Herzog added.