Dr Mike Evans

Israel’s Cabinet meeting held in Western Wall Tunnels to honor Jerusalem

Israel’s Cabinet held its weekly meeting Sunday in the Western Wall Tunnels to honor Jerusalem.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave remarks at the start of the festive Cabinet gathering, according to a news release from the prime minister’s office.

“Several days ago, Abu Mazen told the UN that the Jewish People have no links to the Temple Mount and that eastern Jerusalem is part of the Palestinian Authority. Therefore, and to get his attention, today we are holding a special Cabinet meeting in honor of Jerusalem Day at the foot of the Temple Mount upon which King Solomon built the First Temple of the Jewish People, and which is – again to get Abu Mazen’s attention – the heart of the historical State of Israel, the City of David, and has been here for 3,000 years,” he stated.

Netanyahu also focused on the deep ties between the Jewish people and the historic capital city.

“The deep ties between the Jewish People and Jerusalem is one that has no parallel among the nations. Jerusalem was our capital around 1,100 years before London became the capital of England, approximately 1,800 years before Paris became the capital of France and around 2,800 years before Washington DC became the capital of the US. For over 100 generations, Jews expressed their special yearning for Jerusalem in prayers that are repeated three times a day and under the wedding canopy,” he stated.

The prime minister also referred to the unification of Jerusalem following the Six-Day War over five decades ago.

“Fifty-six years ago, in the Six-Day War, we unified Jerusalem. But I must say that the fight for its unity has not ended. Time and again, my friends and I have been forced to repel international pressure on the part of those who would divide Jerusalem again, and by prime ministers of Israel who were prepared to give in to those pressures, and were even prepared to concede the Jewish People’s holiest places,” he noted.

“We have acted differently. Not only have we not divided Jerusalem, we have built and expanded it. I am proud to have had the great privilege of building new neighborhoods in Jerusalem, such as Har Homa, Givat Hamatos and Maaleh Hazeitim, in which tens of thousands of Israelis live. We did all this together in the face of great international pressure. We stood against these pressures,” he added.