Dr Mike Evans

Israeli Prime Minister Bennett warns Iran is ‘dangerously close’ to having nuclear weapons

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett warned during an interview on Saturday that Iran is “dangerously close” to obtaining nuclear weapons.

Bennett expressed his concerns that Iran could obtain nuclear weapons sooner if Western nations do nothing to intervene in the tense situation.

“Iran is enriching uranium at an unprecedented rate and moving dangerously close to getting their hands on nuclear weapons,” Bennett told the UK Telegraph.
“Without pressure from the West, the Islamic regime in Iran could get their hands on a nuclear bomb very soon,” he added. “The world must take a firm stance and tell the Islamic regime in Iran: no nukes, no sanctions. Iran’s nuclear program won’t stop until it’s stopped.”
The message comes after the International Atomic Energy Agency condemned Iran last week for turning off many of its cameras installed at nuclear monitoring sites. The IAEA reported the move could put a permanent stop to any restart of nuclear deal negotiations with Iran.

Iran has also reportedly begun injecting gas into advanced uranium enrichment centrifuges. The step is seen as a necessary achievement toward developing its own nuclear weapons.

The Biden administration has long sought to restart the 2015 nuclear deal ended when former President Donald Trump ended America’s involvement in the plan following multiple violations of the agreement by Iran. The efforts came to a halt after Iran demanded that its revolutionary guard be removed from America’s terrorism watch list.

Biden apparently considered the potential change, but later decided against it. The controversial pending move received harsh criticism from conservatives in Congress, as well as from leaders in Israel.

The latest news now reveals Iran may have been using the tactics to stall Western efforts as it has moved ahead with its nuclear program. President Joe Biden is planning a trip to Israel in mid-July where the latest developments in Iran will certainly serve as part of the agenda.