Dr Mike Evans

Israeli President Isaac Herzog calls World Health Organization to end anti-Israel bias

Israeli President Isaac Herzog spoke at the 72nd session of the World Health Organization (WHO) Committee for Europe on Monday, calling the assembly to end its anti-Israel bias.

Herzog shared the concern during the event, held in Tel Aviv, with members from 53 states from the WHO European region in attendance.

“The State of Israel is committed to working closely with the WHO towards enabling humanity to meet the many challenges we face. Although Israel is a small country with few natural resources, we are blessed with phenomenal human resources,” Herzog said, according to Israel International News.

Herzog then blasted the assembly over the organization’s bias against Israel based on false information.

“The biased and politicized resolutions almost on an annual basis singling out Israel at the World Health Assembly must end. Such resolutions, based on falsehoods and ulterior motives, damage the work and reputation of this distinguished body, while negatively impacting on health cooperation in the region. Health must be above politics, while serving as a bridge to mutually-beneficial cooperation and exchange, enhancing quality of life for all,” he added.

“Let us embrace the new spirit of peace sweeping through the Middle East, following the historic Abraham Accords. Israel will continue to offer support and aid to neighbors near and far, including and predominantly our Palestinian neighbors, extending its hand to all, in partnership and collaboration,” Herzog continued.

For example, in 2021 the WHO held a session that passed a resolution against Israel as a violator of Palestinian human rights over health conditions in Palestine. A total of 82 countries supported the resolution.

The concern claimed to address inequities regarding access to COVID-19 vaccines for Palestinians as well as for Syrians in the Golan Heights. The resolution was the only one by the health organization to target a specific country.