Dr Mike Evans

Israeli Defense Minister visits US military location in push against Iran’s nuclear ambitions

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz visited the U.S. military CENTCOM headquarters in Tampa, Florida, on Thursday.

Gantz was hosted by CENTCOM Commander and Gen. Michael Kurilla, including a focus on Iran during discussions.

“Israel’s cooperation with CENTCOM and the countries of the region is a game changer for peace and security in the region – particularly in facing Iran and its proxies,” Gantz said during his remarks.

“We will continue to deepen our cooperation, prepare our activities against Iranian proxies, and make sure that Iran never gains a nuclear weapon. We are all aware of the need to prevent Iran from gaining a ‘nuclear umbrella’ for its aggressive actions,” he added.

The defense minister emphasized Israel’s alliance with the U.S. and cooperation against Iran’s aggression in a tweet following the event.

“I am completing a successful visit to CENTCOM headquarters in Tampa,” Gantz wrote. “During the visit we held significant discussions on strengthening the security cooperation between Israel, the US and the countries of the region in the face of Iranian aggression. From here I am flying to Washington where I will meet with National Security Adviser [Jake] Sullivan. I will discuss with him ways to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.”

In July, President Joe Biden traveled to Israel where he signed the Jerusalem Proclamation with Prime Minister Yair Lapid. The agreement vows to keep Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons as a key part of the agreement.

The U.S. and Israel have also both reportedly been engaged against Iranian proxies in Iran. Both nations have conducted strikes against separate targets this week to stop terrorist threats targeting U.S. troops or with plans to operate in Israel.

Israel does not confirm operations in Syrian airspace. The U.S. operation was reported by multiple outlets on Thursday.