Dr Mike Evans

Israel reveals evidence connecting Iran and Hamas from Gaza tunnels

During a press briefing on Tuesday evening, IDF Spokesman Brig.-Gen. Daniel Hagari presented compelling evidence linking the Iranian regime directly to Hamas leadership, specifically naming Yahya Sinwar.

The evidence, uncovered by IDF soldiers operating in Khan Younis, included intelligence from the terror tunnel system revealing Iran’s financial support to Hamas.

Payments were made both to the organization as a whole and directly to Sinwar. Working in conjunction with Israel’s Shin Bet security agency, IDF special units located strategic Hamas compounds underground, uncovering valuable intelligence materials.

The records examined spanned from 2014 to 2020 and revealed staggering sums of over $150 million in direct payments from Iran to Hamas. Sealed packets of cash, some explicitly designated for Yahya Sinwar, were discovered alongside large bags containing millions of American dollars and tens of millions of Israeli shekels within one of the underground compounds.

Hagari underscored the role of Iran in spreading terror across the Middle East, condemning the use of funds by Hamas leaders for their own survival and enrichment, as well as for their families.

The intelligence gathered during these operations had immediate implications for IDF activities within the Gaza Strip. Hagari announced new and ongoing operations aimed at destroying Hamas terror infrastructure and eliminating remaining terrorists, specifically mentioning renewed efforts in the Shati area of Gaza City. These operations, he emphasized, were crucial in thwarting Hamas’ attempts to rebuild its capabilities.

The following morning, the IDF reported the successful elimination of dozens of Hamas terrorists in recent fighting, though it remained uncertain whether these operations were directly tied to the intelligence uncovered. The IDF’s continued vigilance and targeted actions underscored their commitment to countering Hamas aggression and safeguarding regional stability.