Dr Mike Evans

Israel Navy boosts Red Sea presence to confront Iranian threats

CBN News reported on Friday that Israel’s navy has increased its activity in the Red Sea due to Iranian threats on Israeli shipping.

“The State of Israel will protect its freedom of navigation across the globe,” Vice Adm. Eli Sharvit told The Associated Press. “That’s not related to distance from the country.”

Noting past incidents, including a Hezbollah strike on an Israeli naval vessel in 2006 that killed four sailors, the nation’s navy has bolstered its abilities to counter terrorist threats from Iran and their proxies.

Calling the sea “the biggest test site in Gaza” for Hamas rockets, Sharvit stressed that Israel continues to prepare for any potential danger. The most recent rocket attacks against the Jewish state – some 4,000 missiles aimed at Israeli civilians — during the May Gaza conflict, were countered by air strikes. But it is not unlikely that the next round of attacks – either by Iran or its Hezbollah and Hamas proxies — would be met by the Israel Navy.

In addition to the outstanding Iron Dome anti-missile defense system the nation has developed in recent years to protect its people, Israel’s navy continues to lead the way to counter terrorist threats by intercepting the shipping of weapons and armament materials to terrorists who vow to destroy the Jewish state.

According to MilitaryTimes.com, the US Central Command has also realigned with Israel as a result of the Abraham Accords. Last month, Israeli and US forces held joint naval drills as part of the exercise Noble Waters. The IDF called it “the beginning of joint efforts between the Israeli Navy and the US Fifth Fleet, as part of the transitioning of IDF matters to the US Central Command.”

Israel’s freedom of navigation in the strategic waterways of the Middle East has always been a strategic concern. It is worth recalling that Nasser’s blocking of the Straits of Tiran to Israeli shipping in the spring of 1967 was Egypt’s initial hostile act leading to the Six Day War. With its advanced technology and the partnerships of the Abraham Accords, the Israel Navy is more able to protect Israelis and stop those who threaten the nation.