Dr Mike Evans

Israel, Morocco sign new water agreement as relations increase

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between Israel’s water company Mekorot and Morocco on Thursday.

The signing took place during the Global Investment Forum 2022 which will create opportunities for the Israeli company to work with Morocco in drinking water and liquid sanitation.

The effort is one of a number of new projects between the two nations that have normalized relations between Israel and Morocco in the past two years. Morocco joined the Abraham Accords after it was signed between Israel, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates in 2020.

For example, the agreement is not the first regarding water efforts between the two countries. In December 2020, Morocco’s Ministry of Equipment and Water and Israel’s Ministry of Water Resources collaborated on an earlier project to help with water projects within Morocco.

More recently, Israel’s H2Pro and Morocco’s Gaia Energy signed a Memorandum of Understanding during the COP27 event in Egypt.

Gaia intends to use H2Pro’s electrolyzer technology for a demo project at a renewable energy site in Morocco. The Moroccan company also plans to use H2Pro’s resources for a larger site being developed within its nation.

“I hope that the new government will continue in this way and I believe we’re leaving many good things for them. I will continue my struggle to bring Arabs to Jews together and countries to countries and people to people. It’s very important for me to make Israel part of the Middle East. This is the way we can make peace and reach our dreams,” Israel’s Minister of Regional Cooperation Esawi Frej said, according to the Jerusalem Post last week.

H2Pro hopes to develop similar deals with European and American nations as Western powers continue to seek renewable energy sources.