Dr Mike Evans

Israel blasts IAEA over closing of Iran nuclear probes

Israel spoke out on Thursday after the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) announced that it is closing two probes related to nuclear development in Iran.

“The closure of the Marivan Iranian safeguard case by the International Atomic Energy Agency is a matter of great concern,” said Foreign Minister spokesperson Lior Haiat.

“The explanations provided by Iran for the presence of nuclear material at the site are not reliable or technically possible. Iran continues to lie to the IAEA and deceive the international community,” he added in a statement.

“The yielding of the Director General of the IAEA and the International Atomic Energy Agency to Iranian political pressure is very disappointing, mainly because the information in the file implicitly points to two faces of blatant Iranian violations of the inspection agreements,” he continued. “Closing the case could have extremely dangerous consequences, and it conveys a message to the Iranians that they are not required to pay a price for their violations and that they can continue to deceive the international community on their way to achieving a full military nuclear program.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also released a brief statement on the issue.
“I have heard all of the reports about Iran. I have a sharp and clear message for both Iran and the international community: Israel will do whatever it needs to do to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons,” he said in a statement posted to social media.

The investigators previously claimed to find uranium enriched to over 83% in Iran at its underground Fordow location.

The U.S. and Israel signed an agreement last summer in Jerusalem stating that they would not allow Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon. Concerns continue to grow over potential military action that could be taken to put a stop to Iran’s nuclear development.