Dr Mike Evans

IDF to add new Star Wars defense against missiles and drones with lasers

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett announced today that, within the next year, the IDF will begin using a new laser system to intercept missiles and drones.

The new system will reportedly be first used in the south of Israel and then expanded to other parts of the nation. Bennett shared the news at a conference of the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS).

“If a missile or rocket can be intercepted with a pulse of electricity that costs a few dollars, we essentially nullify the ring of fire that Iran has established on our borders,” Bennett said. “This new generation of Israeli aerial defense can also serve our friends in the region, who are also exposed to severe threats from Iran and its proxies.”

Addressing the issue of Iran’s nuclear weapon development, Bennett noted that, even if the US and other nations agree on a nuclear plan, he expects Iran will continue to act violently toward Israel. He noted that any agreement that sends money to Iran will only allow Iran’s aggression to grow.

“We in Israel are ready. We will continue to confront them in every way. No agreement will tie our hands and prevent us from acting in our defense,” Bennett said.

The prime minister noted Israel’s strong alliance with the US, but realizes the nation’s interests are sometimes different from those of the US. Instead, Bennett, said, Israel seeks to be prepared for any and all threats from Iran or its proxies closer to Israel’s borders.

The news also comes as Israel and other nations in the region have continued to conduct joint naval exercises to further preparations for defense. Israel is not alone in its concerns regarding Iran, a motivating factor that has helped push nations to cooperate together through the Abraham Accords and other initiatives in the Middle East.