Dr Mike Evans

IDF tanks return to Gaza City in new operation

The IDF launched a reinvasion of Gaza City on Monday, marking the first such operation since January.

Initial reports of the reinvasion emerged earlier Monday from Reuters, based on accounts from Palestinian residents. They indicated IDF tanks had entered the city amid heavy gunfire.

This marks the fifth IDF reinvasion of Gaza since gaining operational control over northern and central Gaza in January-February. Previous incursions targeted Shifa Hospital, Jabalya, Nuseirat, and ongoing operations in Shejaia.

The IDF contends they demonstrate their capability to dismantle Hamas swiftly if it attempts to regroup. Critics argue the IDF’s initial victories over Hamas have not removed Hamas as the governing authority or stopped its ability to operate.

Early Monday, the military reported IDF ground forces had killed over 30 terrorists in Rafah in the past day. Overnight, the Israel Air Force (IAF) conducted strikes in central Gaza.

Following Palestinian reports of IDF strikes in Jabalya, the military confirmed it had targeted Hamas sites in central Gaza around 01:00 a.m. local time. Palestinian sources reported at least 10 deaths in the strikes.

Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Zeitun was also evacuated overnight. The military later stated the overnight strikes targeted Hamas infrastructure used for attacks against IDF troops, including a strike on a Hamas sniper involved in anti-IDF activities.

The IDF’s 162nd Division reported over 30 terrorists killed in Rafah, with tunnel shafts located and weapons seized, according to a Jerusalem Post report. In Khan Yunis and Gaza City, IAF aircraft struck two launch sites aimed at Israeli territory. In Shajaia, the 98th Division destroyed terror infrastructure and eliminated dozens of Hamas members involved in anti-tank missiles and rocket units.