Dr Mike Evans

IDF reports death of soldier in Hezbollah’s largest attack on Israel

After Hezbollah launched about 200 rockets and 20 drones at Israel on Thursday, the Israel Defense Force announced in the evening that an IDF officer was killed and rocket impacts wounded several others.

The fallen soldier was identified as Maj. (res.) Itay Galea, 38, a deputy company commander in the Yiftah Reserve Armored Brigade from Ramat Gan. The army has not yet specified the number of soldiers wounded or the severity of their injuries.

Galea had initially fought in Gaza before his unit was moved north, where he was killed in a volley of rockets that struck the Golan Heights.

At least 25 Israelis, including 15 IDF soldiers and 10 civilians, have been killed in the ongoing conflict in northern Israel. Hezbollah stated its attack, likely the largest single barrage in the current conflict, was in response to Israel’s killing of Muhammad Naamah Nasr, commander of the Aziz unit responsible for Hezbollah’s western sector adjacent to the border in southern Lebanon.

While most of the barrage hit open areas, the explosions sparked numerous wildfires across the Golan Heights and northern Galilee. In response, the IDF conducted several rounds of airstrikes in southern Lebanon on Thursday and overnight into Friday.

Fighter jets initially struck military structures simultaneously in Kantra, Rab al-Thalathin, Deir Sirin, and Talusa, as well as another infrastructure near a-Naqoura.

This was followed by strikes in Mais al-Jabal and Ayta al-Sha’ab, with additional airstrikes overnight in al-Jibin and Kafr Hammam. IDF artillery also fired to eliminate an imminent threat near a-Naqoura.

Lebanese media aired footage on Thursday from the burial of Nasr, the Hezbollah commander. Several high-ranking Hezbollah officials attended the ceremony.

Despite escalating attacks and heated rhetoric from both sides in recent weeks, Hezbollah’s deputy leader Naim Kassem said Friday that he does not foresee a war between Israel and Lebanon in the near future.