Dr Mike Evans

IDF kills 90 terrorists controlling Shifa Hospital area

Israeli Defense Forces, in conjunction with the Shin Bet security agency, declared on Wednesday significant progress in their operations targeting terrorism and weapon caches near al-Shifa Hospital. Over the past day, their efforts led to the elimination of numerous terrorists while prioritizing the safety of civilians, patients, medical personnel, and equipment.

According to the IDF announcement, approximately 90 terrorists were neutralized in the area, with an additional 300 suspects interrogated near the compound. The operation saw collaboration with Unit 504 from the Intelligence branch, aiding in the identification and handling of potential threats. Approximately 160 suspects were transferred to Israeli territory for further investigation, underscoring the depth of the security measures taken.

In response to a rocket launch from northern Gaza aimed at the city of Sderot, which landed within the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, the Israeli Air Force (IAF) targeted a Hamas site. This action highlights the IDF’s commitment to swiftly address threats to civilian populations and deter further aggression.

The scope of operations extended beyond the immediate vicinity of al-Shifa Hospital. Sniper teams from the Nahal Brigade successfully intercepted a terrorist threat in central Gaza, mitigating potential harm to civilians and Israeli forces.

The 215th combat brigade, supported by IAF aircraft, also eliminated six terrorists in Jabalya. Additional operations persisted in Khan Yunis, where soldiers from the 7th Armored Brigade neutralized two terrorists and targeted military infrastructure in Al-Qarara. An IAF airstrike also targeted an individual observed loading weapons in the area, further disrupting hostile activities.

These coordinated efforts underscore the IDF’s commitment to maintaining security and safeguarding Israeli citizens from terrorist threats as the military response against Hamas attacks on October 7 extends over more than 160 days.