Dr Mike Evans

Direct commercial flights with Bahrain begin today

The first commercial flight from Bahrain to Israel is scheduled to arrive today. The flight will serve as the first in the regular Monday and Thursday flight of two hours and 50 minutes between Manama and Tel Aviv.

“We are delighted to announce the launch of our Bahrain-Tel Aviv route as part of the historic Bahraini-Israeli relations,” Gulf Air Acting CEO Capt. Waleed Al-Alawi said in a press release.

“As the national carrier of the Kingdom of Bahrain, we take great pride in supporting our leadership and the kingdom in their role of preserving peace and prosperity in the region. We hope this is merely the beginning of developing further opportunities,” he added.

The new air travel route is one of many new firsts to take place between the two nations following the signing of the Abraham Accords in 2020. Similar flights have started to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Morocco in recent months.

The flight may also be used as a popular connecting hub from Tel Aviv to destinations east of Bahrain, including the Philippines and Sri Lanka, according to the report.

The new transportation links are one of the many positive outcomes both nations enjoy following the normalization of relations. Travel changes have been especially slow due to the ongoing impact of the coronavirus, yet the future looks bright regarding flights with Bahrain.

The original signers of the Abraham Accords — Israel, Bahrain, and the UAE — recently joined together to celebrate the first anniversary of the agreement. Much has changed since the accords were signed, including a change in leadership in Israel with Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and in the US with President Joe Biden.

Former leaders Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump were both strong advocates of the initial agreement, as was Jared Kushner, who served to bring the Abraham Accords to realization. The new leaders are now building on these successes to improve the future of the Middle East.

All of the Accords nations also stand united in opposition to Iran’s campaign to produce a nuclear weapon. Bennett’s recent UN speech focused on this point, calling the international community to join in opposition to Iran’s radical Islamist government.

The Abraham Accords are doing more than opening new flights. The breakthrough effort has led to a new collaboration that includes multiple ways to work together even more in the days ahead.