Dr Mike Evans

Daughter of Israeli city’s deputy mayor killed in car bombing

The 28-year-old daughter of Shfaram Deputy Mayor Faraj Khnefess was killed in a car bombing on Tuesday night.

Johara Khnefess was known for previously speaking out against violence in Arab culture.

“I was heartbroken. How a man decides to kill a young woman, who was such a good girl and caused no harm to anyone,” Mayor Ursan Yassin told N12. “A terrible and difficult event. People are angry and afraid. Our country needs to do more to stop this violence: It cannot continue.”

“I didn’t expect the violence to reach me. I hope the police will punish the killers,” Johara’s father told Ynet news. He added that he cannot “digest the fact that we lost our precious daughter. I don’t know what they wanted from her and why they murdered her. My daughter was the flower of the family.”

Police are investigating the car fire as an assassination. No arrests have yet been made in connection with the attack.

“Police have apparently ruled out the possibility that the killing was related to her father’s work. Faraj Khnifes serves as deputy mayor in the town and is a prominent member of the Druze community,” the Times of Israel reported.

During a November interview with Arab 48, Johara spoke out against violence, stating, “The phenomenon of violence is one of the negatives we face. We feel insecure in our society and it hinders our progress in all areas of life and creates fear among members of Arab society.”

The violence in the Arab city is a tragedy mourned by those in the area. Despite progress in many parts of Israel, the loss of another young person highlights the ongoing need to further seek peace across the nation.