Dr Mike Evans

COVID surge concerns Israel -- especially as schools reopen

Nearly 11,000 new coronavirus cases were reported on Monday, drawing concern as the nation prepares to begin the new school year.

“At least 10,947 new virus carriers were identified on Monday, with 7.65% of people tested returning a positive test,” The Jerusalem Post reported Tuesday.

“On only one other occasion since the beginning of the pandemic has the country recorded more than 10,000 cases – 10,118 – on January 18, during the peak of the third wave — the most virulent and deadliest the country experienced,” the report added.

Israel now holds the highest seven-day rolling average of new daily COVID-19 cases, according to The Times of Israel. “Figures cited by Our World in Data show that Israel has overtaken Montenegro and Georgia for an average of 1,013 new daily cases per million people over a week,” the outlet reported on Tuesday.

Arutz Sheva noted, “The percentage of tests coming back positive rose from 7.80% Sunday to 7.65% Monday. That is the highest level recorded since February 2021.”

The report also revealed, “There are now 83,542 known active cases of the virus across Israel, including 1,122 hospitalized patients with COVID. The number of hospitalized patients fell slightly, from 1,145 on Monday.”

In response to the ongoing pandemic, nearly 115,000 Israelis have now received a third vaccine shot. With those 12 and older able to receive the third shot this week, Haaretz reported, “Over 2.15 million people in Israel have received their booster shot.”

Ynetnews reported increased requirements for the new school year. “Students up to the age of 12 will need to present a parental statement that states that their child had undergone an antigen test that returned negative.”

However, “According to the Compulsory Education Act, students who did not undergo COVID testing will still be able to attend school.

Teaching staff will be required to present a Green Pass to teach in person. Unvaccinated teachers will have to present a negative COVID test ever two weeks.

The reports have led to much concern as students return to schools. Parents are especially concerned whether the increased school exposure will further increase COVID-19 cases.

Israel has provided more third booster shots than any nation. However, until case numbers decrease, many Israelis will continue to exhibit great caution across the nation.

Mike Evans is the executive editor of the Jerusalem World News. He’s an award-winning journalist and a #1 New York Times bestselling author of 108 books. He is the founder of the Jerusalem Prayer Team, the largest pro-Israel social network platform in the world, with 74 million Facebook followers. Evans is also the founder of the Ten Boom Holocaust Museum in Holland and the Friends of Zion Heritage Center in Jerusalem. The late Shimon Peres, the ninth president of Israel, was the founding chairman. The Friends of Zion award has been given to more than 20 world leaders, including two U.S. presidents.