Dr Mike Evans

Could Indonesia be the next nation to join the Abraham Accords?

Supporters of the Abraham Accords are talking about the possibility that Indonesia could become the next nation to join. What is the likelihood of such a scenario?

To start, the 270-million-person nation would become the largest country to join the accords. Indonesia is also the largest majority Muslim country in the world.

Despite its reforms in recent years, Indonesia’s consideration of normalizing relations with Israel would certainly arouse some controversy in the nation. However, Indonesia has made strides in economic and cultural changes that could make an agreement with Israel advantageous.

Indonesia may have a larger population, but it would be looking to Israel for an economic advantage if it seriously looked at an agreement. In 2020, the nation’s per capita income was only $3,869, a fraction of what where its people would like to be.

Today, Israel is formally at peace with five Arab countries, including the largest, Egypt, and is in the process of normalizing relations with a sixth country, Sudan. Collectively, these countries are home to half the Arab world’s population.”

Indonesia has the opportunity to create massive change by joining the accords. The move would take a new mindset when it comes to working with what many in the nation have considered an enemy, but a look at the benefits among current nations like Bahrain and the UAE could help open the door for yet another nation to take a chance at the opportunity.

The nation could become the seventh and largest nation to join the accords, or it can wait and watch as other nations benefit while missing out on the opportunity. Israel would certainly welcome the addition, but the agreement will take support from leaders in both nations to move forward in the days to come.