Dr Mike Evans

Bachmann calls for easing travel requirements to Israel

Former congresswoman and one-time Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann called on Israel last week to ease restrictions for travelers from other nations, during the fifth annual Christian Media Summit in Jerusalem.

“At a time when anti-Israel sentiment is rising and when support for Israel among youth is dropping, it is even more imperative to open Israel to travelers once again,” Bachmann said via video.

“Jews and Christians alike love traveling to Israel, but tourist travel to Israel appears highly unlikely under the current strict entry requirements promulgated by authorities,” she added.

Bachmann noted that the nation’s regulation that any vaccination must be within six months of entry to Israel “forces a traveler to get additional shots, even if the traveler can prove they have full immunities and negative antigens.”

Israel’s Ministry of Tourism last week announced plans to drop the six-month requirement for those traveling in a fully-vaccinated tour group. Those who are not must instead undergo a daily rapid test or a PCR test every 72 hours.

According to the Times of Israel, “All participants must be vaccinated with a WHO-approved shot, must only come from countries with relatively low infection rates and travel as a “pod” — not mixing with those outside of their designated group — with restrictions on visiting places with a high risk of infection.”

Bachmann noted she first visited Israel in 1974 when she worked on a kibbutz near Beersheva. She noted she has traveled to Israel 25 times so far, including her work as co-chair of the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast. The former congresswoman now serves as head of the school of government at Regent University in Virginia.

The Israel Christian Media Summit was hosted by the Friends of Zion Museum, founded by Mike Evans. The heritage center in Jerusalem includes a state-of-the-art communications center that has hosted some of the nation’s premiere broadcast events in recent years. Its Friends of Zion award has been given to more than two dozen international leaders, including two US presidents, serving as a vital part of the global Zionist movement.