Dr Mike Evans

Antisemitism on London college campuses up 250%, report says

Antisemitic incidents on college campuses in London have soared by 250%, according to a new report by the Community Security Trust (CST).

The CST, an organization providing safety and security to Jews in the U.K., recorded the jump in antisemitic reports over the past two years.

“Jewish life on campus is vibrant and there are a wealth of opportunities available that contribute to the overwhelmingly positive experiences of Jewish students at university. Most Jewish students will not encounter any antisemitism during their studies, but anti-Jewish hatred can still present a significant challenge for Jewish staff and students,” CST said in a blog post.

The report included issues at 30 campuses across the nation, with 150 total reports of antisemitic activity over the 2021-2022 academic year.

“This was a period when national levels of anti-Jewish hate crimes increased, and university campuses were disproportionally affected,” CST said. “In times of heightened tensions such as this, universities are urged to consider the impact on Jewish staff and students and show an increased level of support.”

Among the reports included three death threats against Jewish students and three physical assaults. Most other incidents include verbal abuse, antisemitic graffiti and online abuse.

The CST called for more emphasis on combatting antisemitism in the U.K. to fight back against the growing number of incidents.

“These new findings show that far too many Jewish students suffer hatred and bias,” CST Chief Executive Mark Gardner said. “This study also reinforces last week’s National Union of Students’ own report into antisemitism, including the link between anti-Israel hatred and racist treatment of British Jews. Students’ unions and university authorities need to better support their Jewish students, taking concerns seriously and acting against antisemitism, whether it comes from students or academics.”