Dr Mike Evans

American pro-Israel groups push Senate to move forward on Iron Dome funding

A group of eight American pro-Israel organizations yesterday called on the Senate to press ahead with approved funding to replenish some $1 billion worth of Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system, depleted by having to intercept thousands of Hamas missiles fired at Israel’s civilian population.

“On behalf of the organizations below, we ask that you urgently move forward the supplemental appropriations funding to replenish Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system. The House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly for this critical funding in September 2021 by a vote of 420-9. It has bipartisan support in the Senate, although passage has been stymied,” the letter to Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell read.

“The threat is real. More than 4,000 rockets were fired into Israel this past May by the Iranian proxy Hamas terrorists. The Iron Dome system intercepted 90% of the rockets fired from Gaza, saving both Israeli and Palestinian lives. However, these Iranian-backed terrorists are growing in strength and sophistication,” the letter added.

Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul has blocked multiple requests to pass the legislation in the Senate, arguing that the funding should come from proposed assistance to Afghanistan – as if the Taliban jihadists deserve it more than Israeli parents seeking to protect their children.

The letter urged that “one person’s view” should not stop the needed funding from moving forward to protect the people of Israel. The withheld funding could mean the difference between life or death for thousands of families living close to the border with Gaza, or Hamastan.

The Iron Dome served as a vital protection during the May 2021 Gaza conflict, stopping some 3,600 rockets fired by Hamas forces. The 11-day conflict killed 13 people in Israel, though thousands of rockets were fired.

The eight groups included Christians United for Israel, the Jewish Federations of North America, Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, Hadassah, The Women’s Zionist Organization of America, Jewish Council for Public Affairs, United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, Union for Reform Judaism, and the Anti-Defamation League.