Dr Mike Evans

2 rescued hostages reunited with family members in Israel

Following a daring rescue operation by the IDF, Fernando Marman and Louis Har, elderly hostages, were joyfully reunited with their families. Louis, visibly shaken but grateful, underwent medical examinations after the operation. Idan Bejerano, Louis’s son-in-law, recounted the tense moments leading to their rescue and Louis’s concern for his loved ones, even remembering his son-in-law’s birthday.

Similarly, Geffen, Clara Marman’s daughter, shared insights into her mother’s ordeal, highlighting the psychological toll of their captivity since October 7. Despite facing psychological warfare, Fernando and Louis remained resilient, awaiting rescue.

“This morning, two Israeli hostages who were freed by our forces from the Gaza Strip arrived at the Sheba Medical Center. After an initial medical examination, the condition of the two was determined to be good and they are now staying in a designated compound,” Sheba Hospital reported.

IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari provided a glimpse into the meticulous operation, which commenced at 1:49 a.m. and involved special forces storming the building in Rafah where the hostages were held. Despite encountering armed resistance, the IDF successfully retrieved Fernando and Louis, demonstrating unwavering resolve.

Hagari disclosed that the IDF and Shin Bet had meticulously planned the operation over an extended period but awaited favorable conditions to execute it. Under the cover of darkness, forces covertly reached the target location around 1:00 a.m. The operation unfolded in a multi-layered building complex, with the hostages confined to the second floor.

Upon arrival, the forces breached the building where three terrorists stood guard over the hostages. Using explosives, they swiftly entered the building and extracted the hostages amid gunfire exchanges. Simultaneously, the Air Force conducted airstrikes in the vicinity, while adversaries in nearby structures engaged in hostilities.

Despite the intensity of the operation, only one IDF soldier sustained minor injuries, with no further casualties reported among Israeli forces.

Hagari reiterated the IDF’s dedication to rescuing the remaining 134 hostages in Gaza, emphasizing their commitment to their safe return. The successful operation underscored the IDF’s relentless pursuit of bringing all hostages home safely, offering hope to those still in captivity.