Dr Mike Evans

Iran plays victim at the UN as it calls Israel’s words ‘threatening’

Majid Takht Ravanchi, the Iranian ambassador to the UN, spoke against Israel yesterday in a letter to the UN Security Council, claiming the nation has committed acts of terrorism against it.

“The fact that the Israeli regime continues to ‘destroy Iran’s capabilities’ proves without a doubt that it has been responsible for terrorist attacks against our peaceful nuclear program in the past,” Iran said in the letter.

“Given the ominous history of the Israeli regime’s destabilizing practices in the region, as well as its covert operations against Iran’s nuclear program, the regime must be dealt with to stop all threats and disruptive behavior,” it added.

As Iran claims to be the victim, the US announced it has rejoined the UN’s Human Rights Council, after exiting it in protest under then-president Donald Trump. Nikki Haley, the American envoy to the UN in 2018, called the council a “hypocritical” body that “makes a mockery of human rights.” The decision was also supported by then-US secretary of state Mike Pompeo, a strong supporter of Israel in the Trump administration.

Trump took the US out of the council in large part due to its council anti-Israel bias. In his four years in office, he gave unprecedented support to Israel. His achievements included recognizing Jerusalem as the nation’s capital and moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, as well as encouraging the development of the Abraham Accords, which were signed at the White House in 2020.

The Biden administration’s return to the council was not supported by everyone in the US government. For example, Idaho Republican Sen. Jim Risch said, “The United States should not be lending its legitimacy to a body that includes perpetrators of human rights abuses like China, Venezuela, and Cuba. Additionally, the council continues to disproportionately spend the majority of its time and attention persecuting our ally, Israel.”

The combination of Iran’s complaints against Israel and America’s increasing compliance with UN policies doesn’t help the already tense situation over Iran’s ongoing nuclear development. Opposing the proliferation of nuclear weapons remains an area of common ground the nations agree on, as diplomatic efforts continue and “all options” remain on the table.