Knesset bans three Arab MKs for meeting Palestinian terrorists’ families

Ethics Committee suspends Zoabi, Ghattas, Zahalka, but they can still vote … [Read more...]

Zoabi, Marzel back in election race, High Court rules

The decision was rushed due to the proximity of Election Day, March 17 … [Read more...]

MK Zoabi ejected from Knesset panel for threat to Christian IDF officer

Lt. Shadi Halul on Arab MKs: Don’t listen to these racists … [Read more...]

High Court overturns decision barring Arab MK Zoabi from running for Knesset

Balad legislator says decision won’t erase bitter enmity between her and other lawmakers … [Read more...]

Far-Rightists attempt to block Zoabi from leaving High Court of Justice

Balad MK whisked through back exit after mob tries to block her departure from ban hearing … [Read more...]

Elections Committee bars Zoabi from polls for supporting terror

Zoabi: ‘A black flag of illegitimacy waves over this decision’; High Court to rule on  ban … [Read more...]

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