‘We feel safe here’

Ugandan Pastor Umar Mulinde, attacked with acid for Zionism, in Israel for treatment … [Read more...]

For Syria’s new opposition head, Zionism is ‘a cancerous movement’

‘Moderate’ Mouaz al-Khatib also praised Saddam Hussein for ‘terrifying the Jews’ … [Read more...]

Obama, his rabbi, and political Islam

By BARRY RUBIN (The Jerusalem Post) President Barack Obama’s view of Judaism, Zionism, and Israel was very much shaped by his liberal and left-wing Jewish contacts in Chicago, some of whom became … [Read more...]

There is no Zionism without Jerusalem

By ILANA BROWN (The Jerusalem Post) This week celebrates 45 years since the reunification of Jerusalem after the miraculous Six Day War. One of the most emotional documents in the historical record … [Read more...]

Anti-Zionist Jewish vandals desecrate Jerusalem war memorial

JERUSALEM (JWS)—Just two days before Remembrance Day for the Fallen of Israel’s Wars, anti-Zionist extremists desecrated Jerusalem’s main memorial site for the Six Day War. Vandals spray painted … [Read more...]

Pro-Palestinian hacker group threatens to terrorize Israel

JERUSALEM (JWN and agencies)—The outlaw hacker group variously calling itself “Anonymous Palestine” and just plain “Anonymous” threatened to conduct an Internet “reign of terror” against Israel for … [Read more...]

Palestinians to Evangelicals: Zionism is a sin

By ABRAHAM COOPER and YITZCHOK ADLERSTEIN In announcing the push for recognition of a unilaterally declared Palestinian state, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas told the UN General … [Read more...]

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