Christianity on the rise in Iran, despite Islamic government’s efforts

Conversions are growing especially among the youth … [Read more...]

Ottoman-era fisherman’s house discovered on Ashkelon beach

Youth assisted in uncovering finds in effort to learn about their past … [Read more...]

To promote integration, IDF shuts down Druse battalion

‘Druse youths clearly want to integrate into the wider IDF’ … [Read more...]

Largest Israeli religious youth movement calls members to build illegal settlement

Bnei Akiva invites youth to help build illegal outpost of Evyatar … [Read more...]

Follow our youth to the square

Perhaps their generation will succeed in a way that ours has not … [Read more...]

Palestinian boy, 13, shot and killed by IDF in West Bank

IDF says youth threw firebomb at troops … [Read more...]

Knesset salutes youth helping Syrian refugees

30 Jewish, Arab, and Druse teens volunteer to help Syrian refugees … [Read more...]

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