ISIS committed genocide of Yazidis while world watched

Demand justice for victims and ask how it happened under our noses … [Read more...]

Christians press US to call ISIL violence ‘genocide’

State Department should use the label for Christians as well as Yazidis … [Read more...]

Christians, the State Department, and genocide

If Yazidis are the victims of genocide, why not Christians? … [Read more...]

One year after massacre, Iraq’s Yazidis are a broken people

Yazidis who survived the massacre are scattered around the region … [Read more...]

Prince Charles condemns persecution of religious minorities in Iraq and Syria

Christians, Muslims, Yazidis expelled from ancestral homes for centuries … [Read more...]

First ISIS, now winter threatens Christians in Kurdistan

Christian-aid groups racing to save Christians, Yazidis, other refugees … [Read more...]

Yazidis and Christians: ISIS slaughters us like sheep

‘We don't have any hope. We don't have any salvation’ … [Read more...]

20,000 Yazidis reach safety as US launches more airstrikes in Iraq

Lebanese patriarch calls for protection of Christians … [Read more...]

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