US official: Syria may try to hide chemical weapons

UN envoy Power: US skeptical of Syria WMDs declaration … [Read more...]

Syria reportedly destroys chemical production facilities it disclosed

OPCW teams have inspected 21 of 23 declared WMDs sites … [Read more...]

WMD hypocrisy

The US once opposed sanctions against use of WMDs by a brutal dictator … [Read more...]

Smiling their way to weapons of mass destruction

When a government uses WMDs on its own people, the moral course is clear … [Read more...]

They give threats, we give gifts

Iran keeps threatening as US efforts against Syria slow to a snail’s pace … [Read more...]

Israel on high alert over Syrian WMDs

Radical groups won't be allowed to get Syrian chemical weapons … [Read more...]

Israel security chief visits Moscow over Syria WMDs

Trip comes as concern grows over deteriorating situation in Syria … [Read more...]

Ya’alon: We don’t have proof Assad has used chemical weapons

Israel following developments closely, but has seen no proof of opposition claims … [Read more...]

Netanyahu warns of Syria transferring WMDs to terrorists

PM tells EU envoys Israel would act to prevent terrorists obtaining chemical weapons … [Read more...]

France: Response to Syrian WMDs use would be huge

Chemical or biological weapons will trigger ‘massive and lightning’ response, says French FM … [Read more...]

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