Snap election may put Trump’s peace plan on back-burner until summer

White House does not want poll to be a referendum on its ‘ultimate deal’ … [Read more...]

White House hosts 100 evangelical leaders for state-like dinner

'This is spiritual warfare' … [Read more...]

White House confirms Trump will not attend Jerusalem embassy opening

Deputy FM to head delegation of Kushner, Ivanka Trump, and Greenblatt … [Read more...]

White House: Iran nuclear capabilities ‘far more advanced’ than implied in 2015

Administration says nuclear deal 'was made on a completely false pretense' … [Read more...]

White House, PA have had no contact since Trump’s Jerusalem announcement

Pence leaves Israel calling on Palestinians to 'move on' and negotiate … [Read more...]

Pence to visit Israel January 22-23 following reschedule, White House says

US veep to meet with leaders in Egypt and Jordan, not Palestinians … [Read more...]

White House: Trump won’t subsidize Palestinians if they spread lies about the US

President won't 'tolerate falsehoods' or ‘pay those who spread them' … [Read more...]

White House says Jerusalem embassy move report ‘premature’

Israeli TV predicts, but press secretary says ‘nothing new to announce' … [Read more...]

Family of Avera Mengistu pleads his case at White House

Relatives of Israeli held in Gaza meet with special envoy Greenblatt … [Read more...]

Temple Mount crisis, Kushner tape end Trump’s Palestinian honeymoon

Abbas accuses White House of siding with Israel … [Read more...]

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