West refuses to recognize religious basis of Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Future Palestinian state will be Islamic, despite Western wishful thinking … [Read more...]

Top Saudi imam calls for killing Shia, Jews, Christians at prayer broadcast

While West continues to send billions in military aid to Riyadh … [Read more...]

Christian persecution in the Muslim world: Christians as ‘target practice’

‘Where are the West, the UN, the EU and Christian organizations?’ … [Read more...]

West ignoring grave threat from IS in Libya, Israeli terror experts warn

Jihadists control Libya, but US and Europe have no strategy there … [Read more...]

The West’s wrongheaded analysis perpetuates the conflict

Israel has been the scapegoat for all the problems of the Middle East … [Read more...]

Are Christian refugees worse off than Muslim refugees?

West doesn't understand plight of Christian refugees, says priest   … [Read more...]

Syrian church leader: Christians have no support, West has betrayed us

Patriarch blasts US and media for ignoring Christian persecution … [Read more...]

West has ‘betrayed the Christians of the East,’ says Syrian Patriarch

Accuses West of wanting to ‘perpetuate the endless conflict in Syria’ … [Read more...]

Christian refugees begging West to save them from persecution

Syriac patriarch warns refugee crisis has reached ‘biblical proportions’ … [Read more...]

Chopping up Christians in the Middle East

‘If they kill us all, would the West do something then?’ … [Read more...]

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