In Herzliya, ex-Trump aide Gorka defends war on ‘wrong versions of Islam’

Says Trump White House fostered a 'cynical' environment … [Read more...]

Rivlin warns Merkel Iranian meddling could ‘sink whole region into war’

In Germany, says weapons buildup by Hezbollah requires Israel respond … [Read more...]

In Somalia, tiny Catholic community brings a glimmer of hope

Torn apart by war, famine, terrorism, Somalia consecrates a Catholic church … [Read more...]

Palestinian lawmaker: Israel’s settlement legalization bill means war

Mustafa Barghouti predicts this bill will boost BDS efforts … [Read more...]

Syrian Christian perspectives on the war

Christians face difficult question of how to preserve their communities … [Read more...]

A Christmas of despair for Syrian Christian refugees in Lebanon

‘We’re being pulled apart by a war that has turned our lives black’ … [Read more...]

Palestinian FM says Israel ‘wants third intifida’

Riyad al-Malki warns Temple Mount tensions will bring ‘unlimited’ war … [Read more...]

Radical Islam has just won its second war against America

Jimmy Carter was the first president to lose a war to radical Islam … [Read more...]

Despite lynching, defense minister vows to continue aiding wounded Syrians

After mob kills wounded man, Ya’alon says Israel won’t be dragged into war … [Read more...]

Assad in rare public appearance says losing battles doesn’t mean war is lost

Syrian president speaks at event to commemorate martyrs … [Read more...]

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