Amid Temple Mount tumult, the who, what and why of its Wakf rulers

Jordan is now at the heart of a crisis that threatens violence … [Read more...]

Protect our nurses

About 25% of incidents involve violence, mostly in hospital emergency rooms … [Read more...]

Evacuating Amona

Violence will further divide the Israeli people … [Read more...]

Iraqi Archbishop: In the midst of all this violence, Jesus is needed

Appeals for Christians to stay in Middle East to help bring about peace … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Violence will not put Israel’s right to Jerusalem in doubt

PM, Herzog rail against UNESCO denying Jewish ties to Jerusalem … [Read more...]

Christians arrive in Bethlehem to mark Christmas Eve

Festive music in Manger Square but mood dampened by violence … [Read more...]

Palestinian security forces said to foil ‘over a hundred’ attacks

PA warns that IDF measures can’t stop violence without diplomatic progress … [Read more...]

US House resolution condemns anti-Israel incitement in PA

Representatives accuse Palestinian leaders of saying violence is acceptable … [Read more...]

Abbas accuses Israel of ‘executing’ teen Pisgat Zeev stabber

PA head says settlements to blame for violence; PM: Abbas is lying … [Read more...]

Zero tolerance for violence in Jerusalem

A post-Yom Kippur message from the minister for social equality … [Read more...]

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