Amnesty report: Assad regime secretly carried out mass hangings

Victims are overwhelmingly civilians who opposed the government … [Read more...]

South Sudan: Christians massacred, thousands take refuge in churches

‘It was a massacre, although the number of victims is still unknown’ … [Read more...]

ISIS committed genocide of Yazidis while world watched

Demand justice for victims and ask how it happened under our noses … [Read more...]

ISIS suicide bombers murder 120 in Syria

Rescue workers step through puddles of blood to save victims … [Read more...]

ISIS terrorists raping 8 and 9-year-old girls in halls packed with victims

Revelations from a 100-page report by the Quilliam Foundation … [Read more...]

Pakistan Christian leaders condemn attack on university

Churches express solidarity with victims and pray for peace … [Read more...]

Anti-refugee sentiment punishes victims, not terrorists, Christian groups say

Innocent refugees are being judged for crimes they didn't commit … [Read more...]

Pakistani Christian brick kiln workers arrested and beaten by police

Say they are victims of rising persecution in the country … [Read more...]

Ban Ki-moon condemns killings of Palestinian terrorists, ignores their victims

UN chief ‘profoundly alarmed by the growing number of deadly incidents’ … [Read more...]

BDS in American churches

‘Israelis are oppressors, Palestinians victims with no accountability’ … [Read more...]

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