Will the West cede the Golan Heights to a psychopath?

US should lead effort to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the territory … [Read more...]

Macron: France, US want to work on ‘new nuclear deal’ with Iran

Would tackle ballistic missiles, influence on Middle East, and after 2025 … [Read more...]

US, IDF troops train to protect Israel from ballistic missiles together

Similar to actual deployment of American troops to Israel in time of war … [Read more...]

US says Iran drone incursion a ‘wake-up call’ for world

Haley: 'When Iran and Hezbollah move in, instability always follows' … [Read more...]

Riding high after ISIS defeat, Iranian axis tries its luck with Israel, US

Tehran and allies hail start of a 'new era' with downing of Israeli jet … [Read more...]

US may reject UN’s granting of Palestinian refugee status to descendants

Israeli TV says Trump considering reallocating all aid it sends to UNRWA … [Read more...]

Fatah deputy chief: US has never given Palestinians anything substantial

Mahmoud al-Aloul says all agree US has only harmed their national struggle … [Read more...]

Rebuffing Abbas gambit, US says Europe knows it can’t lead peace broker role

Senior official: Peace plan will lead to 'brighter future for Palestinians' … [Read more...]

Caught in the Syrian quagmire

US, Russia, Turkey and Iran locked into a deadly confrontation … [Read more...]

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