Arab states will likely cave if US declares Jerusalem Israel’s capital

Riyadh, Cairo and Amman will make verbal protests that will soon subside … [Read more...]

US to keep supporting SDF, including Kurds, in Syria

Turkey claims Trump said US would not further arm the Kurdish PPU … [Read more...]

US to allow PLO office to remain open with ‘limitations’

PLO must act only toward ‘achieving peace’ … [Read more...]

Washington calls on Sudan to stop ‘church demolitions’

US to push for human rights and religious freedom in the country … [Read more...]

US, Russia commit to expelling Iranian forces from Israeli-Syrian border

Amid growing Iranian presence and smuggling of sophisticated weaponry … [Read more...]

US skips Knesset meeting on rising antisemitism

Attended by representatives of Germany, Austria, UK and France … [Read more...]

Getting tough on Iran without leaving the nuclear deal

US sets stage for pushing back on Iran’s regional provocations … [Read more...]

US launches $10 million water project in West Bank

10,000 Jericho residents to be connected to treatment plant … [Read more...]

Palestinian Authority: US asked for 3-4 months to prepare its peace plan

Trump administration needs more time to decide on policy … [Read more...]

US says UN Lebanon commander ‘blind’ to Hezbollah arms

Haley accuses 10,500-strong UNIFIL force of ‘not doing its job’ … [Read more...]

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