PM discusses settlement exchange plan with US

Netanyahu has tacked significantly to the Right … [Read more...]

Haley calls UNESCO Hebron vote ‘an affront to history,’ says US to review ties

American envoy warns move will undermine trust for peace process … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Israel will face off against allies that support BDS

Should a peace deal be promoted by US, Israel ought to be cautious … [Read more...]

Danon: US likely to support Israel’s seat on UN Security Council

Support could significantly improve chance of a seat for the Jewish state … [Read more...]

Allies knew of Holocaust in 1942, UN documents prove

UK, US, Russia were aware of millions killed by Nazis, new book says … [Read more...]

US will leave UN Human Rights Council if it doesn’t reform

State Department wants ‘greater accountability and transparency’ … [Read more...]

US, Israel discussing settlement restrictions

White House continues to discourage unilateral steps in West Bank … [Read more...]

US urges Human Rights Council to end ‘obsession with Israel’

Says indifference to abuses in Syria, North Korea undermines UN credibility … [Read more...]

‘Pandemic’ of worldwide antisemitism threatens US, warns Jewish leader

Hoenlein calls for global summit to combat the phenomenon … [Read more...]

Lapid: US should leave UNHRC and halt funding

Since its creation in 2006, UNHRC has treated Israel with bias … [Read more...]

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