Greenblatt: US won’t propose Israel-Jordan-Palestinian confederation

Peace plan ‘focuses on Israeli security’ but will be ‘fair to Palestinians’ … [Read more...]

S-300 strategy

US sees deployment of the S-300 as adding fuel to the fire in Syria … [Read more...]

Trump UN speech defines moral clarity

'We'll give foreign aid to those who respect us and are our friends’ … [Read more...]

US seeks to adapt Israeli pineapple-based burn gel to treat mustard gas victims

Authority to pay MediWound $43 million for flagship burn treatment … [Read more...]

Iran blames Israel, US for military parade attack as death toll climbs to 29

Islamic State, anti-government Arab group both claim responsibility … [Read more...]

Duterte says he’ll buy only Israeli weapons… because there are no restrictions

Philippines leader says US, Germany, and China impose limitations on arms sales … [Read more...]

A unique regional opportunity to confront Iran on various fronts

The US can work with groups within Iran that oppose the regime … [Read more...]

Abbas aide: As price for embassy move, Trump must make east Jerusalem our capital

Majdi al-Khaldi says US must recognize Palestine, back two-state solution … [Read more...]

Trump security adviser: US, Israel, Russia all want Iran out of Syria

John Bolton says US also seeks 'to end Iran's support for Hezbollah' … [Read more...]

Abbas says Hamas not serious about unity, US lying about Gaza

PA wants to unite West Bank and Gaza under 'one government, one law’ … [Read more...]

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