Trump to US Jews: I won’t give Palestinians aid until they make deal with Israel

President says he’s confident an agreement will be reached … [Read more...]

Bridging the divide

US Jews a thriving minority in world’s most tolerant, democratic nation … [Read more...]

Netanyahu calls on US Jews to unite against Iran deal

Resolution of disapproval introduced in US Congress … [Read more...]

US Jews blast Religious Services minister for trashing Reform Movement

Shas minister steps back: ‘Reform Jews, though they sin, are still Jews’ … [Read more...]

Most US Jews support Iran nuclear deal, J Street poll finds

Obama, two-state solution, and Hillary Clinton remain popular … [Read more...]

Leftist ‘self-hating Jews’ find a voice in Jewish Voice for Peace

Loved by unaffiliated US Jews, loathed by Jewish establishment … [Read more...]

Evangelicals and Israel: What US Jews don’t want to know but should

What evangelicals think about the Jewish people and support of Israel … [Read more...]

Kerry tells US Jewish leaders he fears for Israel’s future if no peace deal

Highlights Israel’s growing diplomatic isolation, demographic challenges … [Read more...]

Jewish Republicans: Israelis were first to see Obama’s faults

Fleischer: Israelis lack of support for Obama harbinger for US Jews … [Read more...]

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