UN announces cuts in food aid to Gaza, West Bank

Says assistance to Palestinians will be reduced due to budgetary woes … [Read more...]

Abbas bluster at UN isn’t what should worry Israel

PA chief prepared to deny funds to Gaza if his demands to Hamas not met … [Read more...]

UN: Assad used chemical weapons in three attacks this year

Investigators say chlorine strikes constitute war crimes … [Read more...]

Israel has greatest carbon footprint due to poultry consumption worldwide

UN tells which countries could significantly reduce their carbon footprint … [Read more...]

Germany, EU, UN slam Abbas for ‘unacceptable antisemitic’ speech

German FM denounces 'history lesson,' asserts responsibility for Holocaust … [Read more...]

US Ambassador Haley tells UN Russia responsible for UK chemical attack

‘The US believes Russia is responsible for military-grade nerve agent’ … [Read more...]

UN demands Iran’s Islamist regime give Christians a fair trial

Three sentenced for ‘conducting evangelism’ and ‘illegal house churches … [Read more...]

US may reject UN’s granting of Palestinian refugee status to descendants

Israeli TV says Trump considering reallocating all aid it sends to UNRWA … [Read more...]

In swipe at Abbas, Haley says Palestinian leader lacks ‘courage’ for peace

Tells UN Abbas 'insulted' Trump, gave 'hate-filled speeches' … [Read more...]

Haley takes PA to task after ‘hateful’ comments by Abbas

‘We’re not going to reward bad behavior,’ US envoy tells UN … [Read more...]

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