Ultra-Orthodox protesting military draft clash with police in Jerusalem

30 arrested blocking traffic and light rail at entrance to capital … [Read more...]

Netanyahu threatens elections if ultra-Orthodox won’t compromise on draft bill

PM indicates he's fed up with impasse over recruitment of yeshiva students … [Read more...]

Hundreds of ultra-Orthodox scuffle with police, trying to prevent autopsy

Stun grenades used to clear path for corpse found in Jerusalem hostel … [Read more...]

Four arrested in Arad clashes between ultra-Orthodox, secular residents

Haredi protesters roll burning tires at home of activist … [Read more...]

Access to Torah scrolls denied for egalitarian worship in Israel

Ultra-Orthodox reject Jewish identity Diaspora Jews develop in school … [Read more...]

Western Wall compromise

Conservative and Reform yield more than the ultra-Orthodox … [Read more...]

Ultra-Orthodox interior minister calls Reform Judaism an ‘imitation’

Deri tells Knesset he wants nothing to do with liberal movements … [Read more...]

Netanyahu pushes ultra-Orthodox to compromise on Western Wall

PM urges flexibility on progressive Jewish streams and prayer rights … [Read more...]

Why Jerusalem is the poorest city in the country

Close to 50% of residents live in poverty, mainly ultra-Orthodox, Arabs … [Read more...]

Ultra-Orthodox, Arab, Ethiopian, and settler youth unite under one roof

Program works to promote a tolerant society through knowing the 'other' … [Read more...]

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