Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, UAE welcome Trump peace plan

Saudi kingdom reiterates support for ‘a just and comprehensive resolution’ … [Read more...]

In fresh snub, UAE gives medals to all UNESCO members but Israel

Move follows ban on Israeli symbols at Abu Dhabi judo tourney … [Read more...]

Israel to fly alongside Pakistan, UAE in US Air Force drill

IAF pilots will take part in Red Flag exercise later this month in Nevada … [Read more...]

Religious freedom in the Arabian Peninsula?

Leaving Islam means death penalty in UAE, Qatar, Yemen, Saudi Arabia … [Read more...]

UAE passes law against religious, ethnic discrimination

Outlaws discrimination on basis of religion, race, color or ethnic origin … [Read more...]

Arab diplomats rebuff Israeli invite to Netanyahu Congress speech

Envoy Dermer lobbied ambassadors from Kuwait, UAE to attend PM's speech … [Read more...]

Egyptian president wants joint Arab force to fight Islamist terrorism

El-Sissi says united front may be likely as Jordan, UAE offer troops … [Read more...]

UAE’s Etihad Airways receives US funds, but won’t serve Israelis

Removes Israel from maps; gets $425,000 from Homeland Security … [Read more...]

Energy Minister Shalom to attend Abu Dhabi energy conference next week

First delegation to UAE since 2010 assassination of Hamas operative … [Read more...]

Qatar and UAE warned over censoring Israeli swimmers identity and flag

International governing body: ‘These things won't happen anymore’ … [Read more...]

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