Trump and Netanyahu’s embarrassment and shame

Two-states, one state, no state, it doesn’t really matter to Trump … [Read more...]

One state, two states

After breakdown in talks, Netanyahu is ‘brainstorming’ policy options … [Read more...]

People of Israel – Wake up! Kerry is right about two states

A unitary state would mean apartheid and destroy Israel as a Jewish state … [Read more...]

There’ll be no Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement – so now what?

The PA claims to want two states, but denies Jewish link to the land … [Read more...]

Boko Haram seeks to split Nigeria into Sharia and Christian states

Northern state would be reserved for Muslims, south for Christians … [Read more...]

Lower the bar for two states

The reality of two states can be achieved by independent steps … [Read more...]

PA says it can deal with ‘any’ government seeking two states

Hamas: Decline of Right reflects victory of Palestinian resistance … [Read more...]

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