Assyrian Protestant Church in Turkey reopens six decades later

Mardin Church

160-year-old Mardin one of the oldest Protestant churches in Middle East … [Read more...]

Remembering the victims of the Kurdish massacre of 1937

Missing girls of Dersim

Turkey bombed and used poison gas to kill a community and its culture … [Read more...]

Armenian Church canonizes 1.5 million genocide victims


Turkey warns Austria of ‘repercussions’ for calling massacre genocide … [Read more...]

ISIS moving on Europe, reportedly planning attacks in Turkey and Bulgaria


Some senior terrorists thought already in Turkey, hiding in safe houses … [Read more...]

In time of fear for Christians, Turkey approves first new church in 92 years

Ortakoy Mosque

Of Turkey’s 80 million there are only around 100,000 Christians … [Read more...]

Middle Eastern Christians flee violence for ancient homeland

Mor Barsaumo church

Refugees flee Syria and Iraq to Turkey, heartland of ancient Orthodoxy … [Read more...]

Ya’alon: Israel working to thwart terrorism directed from Turkey, Gaza

Ya'alon grim

Says despite lull, Islamists trying to inflame West Bank and Jerusalem … [Read more...]

In Turkey, Iraqi Catholics seek stepping stone to new life

Catholic refugee

Chaldean Catholics flee Baghdad and Mosul to escape violence … [Read more...]

Pope Francis in Turkey: Solidarity needed to counter fanaticism

Pope Francis

Highlights plight of Christians and other minorities in Middle East … [Read more...]

Turkey’s remaining Assyrian Christians dream of better times

Turkish Christians

Some hope for a small boost from Pope Francis’s first visit. … [Read more...]

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