Turkey, US-led coalition launch large-scale border offensive against ISIS

Special forces enter Syria while tanks secure border … [Read more...]

Israel: Turkey needs to think twice before leveling criticism at us

After Ankara’s denunciation of Gaza air strikes … [Read more...]

Israel sends condolences to Turkey over wedding bombing that killed 51

Jerusalem calls for concerted effort against terrorism … [Read more...]

Turkey submits Israel deal to parliament for approval

Once authorized, Ankara and Jerusalem will restore full ties … [Read more...]

Jihadists ‘abused corpses and killed Christians on the spot’

Says escaped ISIS fighter who was smuggled into Syria via Turkey … [Read more...]

Israel and Turkey agree to normalize relations

Turkey to help return soldiers’ remains, Israel to pay 'Marmara' indemnity … [Read more...]

Turkey, Israel said to agree on normalization deal

Announcement of agreement expected Sunday … [Read more...]

ISIS blamed for outbreak of gruesome flesh-eating disease among refugees

Thousands of cases reported in Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan … [Read more...]

Turkey has aided terrorist groups that kill Christians, activist says

Refugee camps in Turkey are more like prisons than aid centers … [Read more...]

Turkey frees US Evangelist but deportation threat remains

Evangelist David Byle faces deportation for ‘endangering public order’ … [Read more...]

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