Turkey, Israel said to agree on normalization deal

Announcement of agreement expected Sunday … [Read more...]

ISIS blamed for outbreak of gruesome flesh-eating disease among refugees

Thousands of cases reported in Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan … [Read more...]

Turkey has aided terrorist groups that kill Christians, activist says

Refugee camps in Turkey are more like prisons than aid centers … [Read more...]

Turkey frees US Evangelist but deportation threat remains

Evangelist David Byle faces deportation for ‘endangering public order’ … [Read more...]

Iranian pilot defects, threatens regime he’ll seek asylum in Israel

Ahmad-Reza Khosravi fled to Turkey last year, protects wife and son … [Read more...]

US Evangelist detained in Turkey, ordered to be deported

David Byle is declared a ‘danger to public order’ … [Read more...]

ISIS assassinates journalist in Turkey for reporting about its crimes in Syria

Journalist Zaher al-Shurqat anchored anti-ISIS TV programs … [Read more...]

Turkey seizes six Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant churches

Government expropriates land to rebuild historical Diyarbakir … [Read more...]

Israel and Greece assure Turkey: Our friendship is not aimed against you

‘Our cooperation with Greece and Cyprus stands on its own,’ says Netanyahu … [Read more...]

Syrian Christian refugees in Turkey find no rest from Muslim persecution

There have been incidences of refugees who were beheaded … [Read more...]

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