Bolton to Trump: Cut aid to UN settlement resolution supporters

Ex-envoy says the US should cut Malaysia and Venezuela in particular … [Read more...]

Trump urges Israel to ‘stay strong’ till January 20

Slams UN vote, says US can’t keep treating Israel with ‘total disdain’ … [Read more...]

Trump: UN’s Israel vote will make peace talks ‘much harder’

President-elect calls Security Council a ‘big loss’ for Israel … [Read more...]

Netanyahu wants to work with Trump to roll back Iran deal

PM says he also wants his help in reaching peace deal with Palestinians … [Read more...]

Senior lawmaker urges Obama, Trump to tackle neo-Nazis

Yair Lapid warns against missing the signs of fascism … [Read more...]

Israelis don’t believe Trump will move embassy to Jerusalem

What Israelis think of President-elect Donald Trump … [Read more...]

169 lawmakers sign on to Jewish rep’s letter calling for Bannon dismissal

Letter says appointment undermines Trump’s ability to unify country … [Read more...]

Trump needs to do nothing to bring US Embassy to Jerusalem

Just not sign waiver to implement 1995 law stipulating relocation … [Read more...]

Biden: Trump administration will honor commitments to Israel

‘There will be no diminution of support’ for Jewish state under Trump … [Read more...]

Hamas leader to Trump: Israel ‘a burden’ for the US

Mashaal warns against giving green light to Israel to do as it pleases … [Read more...]

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