Trump will move embassy, US Congress mission leader predicts

DeSantis, head of national security subcommittee, says Arnona best spot … [Read more...]

Netanyahu praises Trump for ‘strong stand’ on antisemitism

PM in Australia:We fight against those who seek to demonize our people … [Read more...]

Trump, the Jews and the political weaponization of antisemitism

So why did it take the Trump administration five tries to get it right? … [Read more...]

Trump: Palestinians must earn a two-state solution

The time has come for the US to tell the Palestinians to negotiate … [Read more...]

Trump tells Netanyahu to ‘hold back on settlements’ during first meet

‘The Israelis are going to have to show some flexibility,’ Trump says … [Read more...]

Trump slams ultra-Orthodox reporter for softball question on antisemitism

Jake Turx asks about the uptick in antisemitism in the United States … [Read more...]

Trump rolls back US obligation to two states, vows to pursue ‘great peace deal’

President enthusiastic for a regional initiative involving Arab states … [Read more...]

German news agency ‘regrets’ antisemitic conspiracy about Trump

Outrage over claim Trump was elevated ‘by influential Jewish sponsors’ … [Read more...]

Trump, Congress, Christians: Support Israel by moving embassy to Jerusalem

Christians must support a government that gives its citizens freedom … [Read more...]

Trump says ‘chance’ he’ll move embassy, but admits there are ‘two sides’

Likes ‘concept’ of relocating embassy, promises decision soon … [Read more...]

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