Trump says he made snap decision on Golan after history crash course

Says recognition upending US policy was made during a ‘quickie’ briefing … [Read more...]

Trump tells Ilhan Omar she should be ashamed of herself

Congresswoman’s own party leaders slam her views as antisemitic … [Read more...]

Trump in State of the Union links Iran threat to Tree of Life massacre

The US has confronted the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism … [Read more...]

Trump: ‘We have to protect Israel,’ shifting again on Syria withdrawal

President claims that ‘99 percent’ of ISIS territory has been reclaimed … [Read more...]

In surprise Iraq trip, Trump defends decision to withdraw from Syria

Says ‘We’re no longer the suckers, folks’ and no plans to pull out of Iraq … [Read more...]

Trump on leaving Syria: US doesn’t want to be ‘policeman of the Middle East’

Says US gets ‘NOTHING but spending precious lives and trillions of dollars’ … [Read more...]

Mike Evans predicts peace with Sunni states possible

FOZ founder praises Trump, Netanyahu for bringing an alliance within reach … [Read more...]

Trump sends mission to Nigeria as jihadists massacre hundreds of Christians

In October Islamist extremists killed 260 Christians and 100 Muslims … [Read more...]

Trump, challenged on antisemitism, cites economy and Israel policies

‘Nobody has done more for Israel and Bibi says so,’ Trump claims … [Read more...]

Trump yet to appoint traditional envoys amid antisemitism crisis

Administration declines to appoint envoys to the fight against antisemitism … [Read more...]

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