Trump: Kim summit ‘may not have happened without Otto Warmbier’

US Jewish student did not die in vain, but focused attention on Kim … [Read more...]

Did Trump achieve what Obama couldn’t?

Ironically we’ve seen Obama’s successor take more or less the same tack … [Read more...]

Trump shooting for win-win structure on peace deal, Friedman says

Move to Jerusalem hasn't doomed an ‘ultimate deal’ between the two sides … [Read more...]

In video at Jerusalem embassy opening, Trump stresses commitment to peace

President says recognition of capital has 'been a long time coming' … [Read more...]

White House confirms Trump will not attend Jerusalem embassy opening

Deputy FM to head delegation of Kushner, Ivanka Trump, and Greenblatt … [Read more...]

US president calls out killing of Christians in Nigeria

Trump: ‘We’re going to work on that problem very, very hard’ … [Read more...]

Trump asked to hold Nigeria accountable for slaughter of Christians

First African leader to White House is Nigeria’s Muhammadu Buhari … [Read more...]

Trump: America needs faith in God to be a great nation

Speaking at 66th annual National Prayer Breakfast in Washington … [Read more...]

US may reject UN’s granting of Palestinian refugee status to descendants

Israeli TV says Trump considering reallocating all aid it sends to UNRWA … [Read more...]

Mike Pence: Mission accomplished

Trump expressed unwavering support for Israel via his excellent messenger … [Read more...]

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