In Ramallah, Kushner and Abbas agree ‘peace will take time’

Trump special adviser meets with PA leader in bid to restart negotiations … [Read more...]

Orthodox Jews, Evangelical Christians expect Trump to fulfill campaign pledge

Hagee: ‘Trump’s promise crucial to millions of Christian Zionist voters’ … [Read more...]

Trump to keep US embassy in Tel Aviv for now, White House sources say

President supports the move to Jerusalem -- a question of ‘when, not if’ … [Read more...]

Members of Congress call on Trump to move embassy to Jerusalem

At celebration of 50th anniversary of Jerusalem’s reunification … [Read more...]

Dating conflict at 50 years old, Trump appears to quietly adopt Arab stance

White House uses Six Day War as starting point of strife … [Read more...]

With boundless optimism but few specifics, Trump lays out Mideast peace vision

Calls on Israelis and Palestinians to put aside ‘pain and disagreements’ … [Read more...]

Bolstered by Saudis, Trump sees chance for ‘new level’ of Israel-Arab ties

Says attitudes in Riyadh ‘really very positive’ toward Jerusalem … [Read more...]

Survivor moved to tears at Yad Vashem; Trump says Holocaust ‘darkest hour’

Yad Vashem officials play down criticism over brevity of visit … [Read more...]

Trump, Israel and the importance of symbols

Israel needs a full bodied hug to feel secure and for its enemies to see embrace … [Read more...]

Simply by saying he loves it and stands with it, Trump wins over Israel

Showered Israel with praise, visited Western Wall -- enough for now … [Read more...]

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