Israel, US syncing missile defense systems for joint response to future attacks

Trial to link Israel's Arrow and David's Sling with American systems … [Read more...]

19-year-old Christian girl sentenced to 20 lashes for wearing slacks in Sudan

12 to face trial for wearing slacks and skirts on way home from church … [Read more...]

Egypt orders deposed Morsi to trial for conspiring with Hamas, Hezbollah

Prosecutor: Morsi, Brotherhood committed acts of violence, terrorism … [Read more...]

David’s Sling shoots down ballistic missile in trial

Israel, US jointly test new interceptor of medium and short-range missiles … [Read more...]

Egypt on high alert as Mohammed Morsi trial begins

Amid tight security, ousted president in court to face incitement charges … [Read more...]

Muslim Brotherhood supreme leader captured

Egypt to try Mohammed Badie and deputy later this month … [Read more...]

Kenyan lawyer takes State of Israel, Jews to Hague over Jesus’s death

Dola Indidis wants the IJC to re-try Jesus, convict those responsible for his unlawful crucifixion … [Read more...]

Iran puts five Christians on trial for their faith

Crackdown part of general increase in repression leading up to June’s elections … [Read more...]

Trial of American pastor in Iran called a ‘mockery of justice’

ACLJ: Iran convicted American pastor Saeed because of his Christian faith … [Read more...]

The Corrie case: Reckless choices

The Haifa District Court found that Corrie’s own negligence led to her death … [Read more...]

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