Israel: Hamas digs six miles of tunnels each month

‘No perfect solution’ to threat of subterranean cross-border network … [Read more...]

Pollard’s lawyers mock US intel chief’s warning that ex-spy still poses threat

James Clapper: Pollard could ‘damage national security’ … [Read more...]

Al-Qaida lists Sheldon Adelson, Bill Gates as targets for assassination

Threat meant to persuade targets to disavow support for Israel … [Read more...]

Blaming the victim

One gets the impression from Kerry that Israel, not Iran, is the big threat … [Read more...]

PA calls for arrest of Liberman for saying anti-Israel Arab citizens should be beheaded

PA Foreign Ministry says Liberman ‘poses threat to humanity’ … [Read more...]

The threat to the Jews of Europe

Concern, insecurity, loneliness and fear following the summer attacks … [Read more...]

IDF: Israel must foster alliances with regional neighbors to combat ISIS

The threat of Islamic State has compelled Israel to seek ‘frenemies’ … [Read more...]

WATCH: IAI reveals ‘groundbreaking’ defense against IEDs

New detection system cuts greatest threat to ground forces in years … [Read more...]

Save freedom of worship in the Middle East

We must prioritize protecting religious minorities under threat … [Read more...]

Christians under threat by Syrian extremists

US State Department condemns Islamist targeting of Christians … [Read more...]

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