The bureaucracy of evil: How Islamic State ran a city and what this meant for Christians

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Border Police thwarts attempted stabbing attack

Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan: ‘Terrorism will not break us’ … [Read more...]

Shin Bet: Murder of Jewish man in Arab city was terrorism

Two held in killing of Reuven Schmerling of Elkana … [Read more...]

Despite Jewish alarm, Britain refuses to outlaw pro-Hezbollah rally

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Anyone is a target

Europe has a lot to learn about terrorism … [Read more...]

At least 10 killed as blast rocks Saint Petersburg subway; dozens hurt

Putin calls it terrorism; second device reportedly found … [Read more...]

In Somalia, tiny Catholic community brings a glimmer of hope

Torn apart by war, famine, terrorism, Somalia consecrates a Catholic church … [Read more...]

Terrorism must not become part and parcel of our daily life

Hatred can be confronted by society and eliminated … [Read more...]

Fearing terrorism, Egyptian Christians flee Sinai for fourth day

Over 100 families from el-Arish move to Ismailia due to Islamic State affiliates … [Read more...]

Dershowitz calls on banks to close accounts that boycott Israel

Says International Association of Democratic Lawyers supports terrorism … [Read more...]

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