Arab rioters on Temple Mount hurl stones at police

Eight arrested and 30 more detained after Friday prayers … [Read more...]

Jordan warns Israel of ‘consequences’ over Temple Mount ‘violations’

Kingdom calls for Israel to deny entry to ‘settlers’ and remove forces … [Read more...]

UNESCO says there is no Jewish history on Temple Mount

Calls Hebron and Bethlehem 'Integral part of Palestine' … [Read more...]

Jordan cancels plan for security cameras on Temple Mount

Program to prevent violent clashes halted due to Palestinian opposition … [Read more...]

Secret Jewish marriage ceremony held on Temple Mount

Couple weds at Judaism’s holiest site for first time in 2,000 years … [Read more...]

Four terrorists sentenced for planning to kill Jews on Temple Mount

All get jail time, but all acquitted of attempted murder … [Read more...]

Seal bearing name of Judean King Hezekiah found in Jerusalem

Impression unearthed next to Temple Mount … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: ‘Jerusalem and Temple Mount problem is insoluble’

PM apologizes for perceived anti-Arab comments made during the election … [Read more...]

Camera ready

Muslim clarity regarding the Temple Mount has been lost over the years … [Read more...]

Burst pipe at Western Wall mistaken for messiah

Water flowing from Temple Mount sparks hope of imminent redemption … [Read more...]

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