Tens of thousands of Muslim worshipers flock to Jerusalem for Ramadan

Heavy police presence as Friday prayers held at Temple Mount … [Read more...]

Attorney-General: Israeli law applies to Temple Mount

Rules all Muslim construction must adhere to building laws … [Read more...]

Ancient Hebrew seal found in Jerusalem

By MATTI FRIEDMAN (Times of Israel) A small stone seal at least 2,600 years old and bearing a Hebrew name has been found near the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the Israel Antiquities Authority said … [Read more...]

Tiny model of Temple Mount returns to Jerusalem

By NIR HASSON (Haaretz) In one of the rounds of talks between Israel and the Palestinians, the idea came up of dividing the Temple Mount vertically: The Palestinians would get everything above … [Read more...]

Mughrabi ramp reopened after brief closure

JERUSALEM (JWN)—The ramp linking the Western Wall plaza and the Mughrabi Gate to the Temple Mount was reopened by the municipality Wednesday morning less than a week after it was closed, apparently in … [Read more...]

Jerusalem Municipality closes rickety Temple Mount ramp

JERUSALEM (JWN)—The Jerusalem city engineer has ordered the closure of the wooden ramp connecting the Western Wall plaza with the Mughrabi Gate to the Temple Mount, after an inspection found it to be … [Read more...]

Netanyahu postpones demolition of Temple Mount ramp

JERUSALEM (JWN)—Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Monday instructed the Jerusalem Municipality to put off for a week the demolition of a temporary ramp linking the Western Wall plaza with the … [Read more...]

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