Israeli researchers develop technology for 3-D printing of drugs

Enables the printing of personalized medications out of hydrogel objects … [Read more...]

Iran sought chemical and biological weapons technology in Germany

German states report attempts by Tehran to get nuclear-related goods … [Read more...]

Iran boasts of rocket aid to Palestinians, Hezbollah

Technology to mass-produce missiles exported to anti-Israel allies … [Read more...]

Seeing things as they were — there’s an Israeli app for that

Using augmented reality technology, Architip lets users visualize ancient sites in original form … [Read more...]

Russian, Iranian technology is boosting Assad’s assault on Syrian rebels

Technology includes Iranian drones and anti-mortar systems that trace source of mortar fire … [Read more...]

A better way to do brain surgery, based on Israeli simulation technology

Two Israel Air Force officers and a US doctor develop new way for surgeons to operate … [Read more...]

Apple to set up development center in Israel

JERUSALEM (JWN)--Apple plans to open a research and development (R&D) center in Israel that will focus on semiconductors. This will be the first time the giant US company is expanding its R&D … [Read more...]

Rami Levy supermarket chain enters mobile carrier market

JERUSALEM (JWN) - Rami Levy Chain Stores launched its new mobile virtual network (MVNO) on Monday, promising the consumer cheaper prices and aiming to sign up some 250,000 new subscribers. Two … [Read more...]

Facebook buys Israeli mobile apps pioneer Snaptu

By Ben Parr (Mashable) - Facebook has acquired Israeli startup Snaptu, a creator of simple mobile applications for feature phones, for an estimated $70 million. Snaptu’s technology brings Web … [Read more...]

Netanyahu is a YouTube favorite in the Arab world

By Roy Goldenberg (Globes) - Nearly a fifth of those who watch YouTube clips of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu are Egyptians and more than a tenth are Saudi Arabians. Egypt and Saudi Arabia … [Read more...]

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