Syrian Christians have no options for pursuing medical treatment

Doctors warn country’s crisis worsening, especially for young … [Read more...]

Syrian Christians face persecution from all sectors

Displaced Syrians risk returning home as regime forces approach camp … [Read more...]

‘Roughly half’ of Iraqi, Syrian Christians have fled Middle East Since 2011

50 to 80 percent of Christians reported fleeing the two countries … [Read more...]

Syrian Christians must choose between several evils

Christians in Ireland need to ask what they’d do if they were in Syria … [Read more...]

Syrian Christian perspectives on the war

Christians face difficult question of how to preserve their communities … [Read more...]

State Department turns its back on Syrian Christians and other non-Muslims

In five years of war, US admitted just 53 Syrian Christian refugees … [Read more...]

Syrian Christians forced to sign ISIS subservience contract or die

Men who refuse to convert will be killed, women and kids will be enslaved … [Read more...]

ISIS issues contract of Dhimmitude to give ‘safety’ to Syrian Christians

In exchange for a tax and vow to follow set of strict guidelines … [Read more...]

Syrian Christians are trying to rebuild their lives between hope and fear

Children and youth paint a street in the war-afflicted Old City of Homs … [Read more...]

Holocaust survivor repays ultimate debt via rescue of Syrian Christians

Former refugee funds airlift of families to Europe from Islamic State area … [Read more...]

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